Chemist (Prudence Development and Management Corporation)

Name of Company / Institution: Prudence Development and Management Corporation

Address: Centennial Road, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines

Company Brief Description:

Company Background PRUDENCE DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT CORP. (PDMC) is a well-established tobacco manufacturing company which was founded in December 2000 under the Venvi Group of Companies. The company specializes in cut-rag production, finished filter rods, cigarette-making and packaging. The newly-constructed and highly-modernized main plant is located at the Clark Free Port Zone (CFZ) in Pampanga, Philippines. It has a total floor area of approximately 20,000 square meters. PDMC imports and exports products mainly in different countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Africa, China, USA and Latin American countries. Key Objectives of the Company To produce the best quality tobacco cut rag and a superior line of cigarette brands in the export market. To continuously improve internal processes and offer an array of client-preferred products. To achieve worldwide recognition as a serious player in the cut-rag and cigarette manufacturing business. CRITICAL CORE COMPETENCE PDMC has also set up a branch in Hong Kong, PDMC HK, LTD. and hired staffs who can speak both English and Chinese fluently to facilitate reliable and fast communication from all channels between the dealers and the factory. QUALITY STANDARDS – Production Management Technically aligned with Shanghai Tobacco Group (STG) following their standard output, processing control and quality assurance. To attain this technical alignment, a team was sent to STG Gao Yang Factory for intensive training of their processes. In return, PDMC has produced handbooks and work instructions to ensure conformity to their quality standards, such as:  Manual for Technical Standards of Cigarette Materials  Production Manual for Philippine Golden Deer  Standard Labels for Overseas Cigarette Products  Warehouse Management for Production Materials  Guidelines for Processing in Primary and Secondary Production  STG will also assign a Management Team with Engineers who will regularly visit PDMC for more training and guidance of the PDMC factory production and to ensure that the PDMC factory is conforming to the STG Standards.  Raw materials and all other necessary materials are also quality-checked by STG.  Raw materials and all other necessary materials are also quality-checked by STG.  PDMC Laboratory is also gearing up for ISO 17025 Certification  Production schedules will be made flexible to our customers to accommodate different customer requirements.  PDMC will also adopt the 4 Quality Standards of Shanghai PRIMARY LINES With throughput CAPACITY of 28,000 tons per 8 hours shift Filter Rod Capacity of 350 kms of filter rod per 8 hours shift Secondary Making and Packing Equipment 4 Sets of “Super 9” cigarette maker machines  3 sets can make 84mm and 94mm cigarettes  Production capacity is at 6,000 sticks per minute 1 MOLINS ALTO100001 (new model from England Molins, Alto)  Production capacity is at 10,000 sticks per minute 1 Set HAUNI 8000 (made in Germany)  3 sets can make 84mm and 94mm cigarettes  Production capacity is at 8,000 sticks per minute 2 Sets “Mark 9” cigarette maker machines  Produces 84mm and 97mm cigarettes  Production capacity is at 3,500 sticks per minute 2 Sets “Mark 8” cigarette maker machines  Production capacity is at 2,500 sticks per minute The productivity of cigarettes is 1,500 master cases per shift of 8 hours. 3 FILTER ROD MACHINES with the capacity to produce any specifications between 96mm – 150mm MENTHOL FILTER ROD

Job Title: Chemist

Job Responsibilities:

The Chemist performs the chemical testing of raw materials and finished products, intermediate checks of laboratory equipment, in-use calibration of laboratory equipment, monitoring of environmental conditions, and reporting of test results.

• Perform standard methods of testing based on international standards and collect relevant data for recording and reporting.
• Prepare all solutions used during analysis.
• Operate complex equipment such as Linear Smoking Machine, Rotary Smoking Machine, and Autoanalyzer.
• Strictly monitor the environmental conditions inside the lab, the inventory of materials and critical materials.
• Periodically calibrate and maintain assigned instrument according to calibration and maintenance schedule and report any unusual occurrences during said activity.
• Monitor the conditions of all storage of samples and reference materials to ensure the validity of the materials.
• Establish and monitor control charts for equipment performance and operator performance monitoring purposes.
• Train new staffs and monitor their progress.

• Supervise chemical analysis and operation of equipment done by Chemical Technicians and Analysts.
• Introduce new ideas that will help improve or update testing methods and techniques applied in the laboratory .
• Strictly follow and implement the ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 management systems and other regulations such as proper waste disposal and 5S.
• Report directly to the Analytical Lab head all problems dealing with equipment, reagent, consumables, sample issues and other critical materials.
• Prepare test records and other reports required by the Lab head for review, evaluation, and approval.
• Coordinate with the Engineering department in regards with issues in electricity, fabrication, or problems with equipment that need their expertise.
• Follow and help implement programs initiated by the lab head for the improvement of the lab and its staffs.
• Performs other duties as may be assigned.

Job Qualifications:

• Experienced in laboratory analysis and procedures – at least 1 year
• Professional attitude and appearance
• Solid technical writing skills
• Ability to be resourceful and proactive when issues arise
• Excellent organizational skills
• Multitasking and time-management skills
• Good in executing laboratory techniques
• Must be a Licensed Chemist
• Able to work properly even under pressure
• Detail – oriented and must be a critical thinker

Contact Person / Details:
Maricel Erin Gamboa
Hr Officer In Charge
Contact No: 0917-804-8722

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