Chemist (Westco Electrical & Equipment Corp.)

Name of Company / Institution: Westco Electrical & Equipment Corp.

Work Location: 8th Floor 68 Kalayaan VCP Building, 68 Kalayaan Avenue, Teachers Village West

Company Brief Description:

Our company, WESTCO Electrical & Equipment Corporation, specializes in power system maintenance, testing, and electrical design. We also supply to various electrical utility, manufacturing and fast-moving consumer goods companies.
As support to the electrical testing of transformers, the insulating oil laboratory has been built. WESTCO’s insulating oil laboratory has been designed from the ground up with our core values of Mastery | Integrity | Care | Excellence as its very foundation.

Job Title: Sales Chemist

Job Responsibilities:

• Handle inquiry of customers
• Promote the lab during client interaction
• Close new clients every quarter
• Conduct oil tests
• Organize samples
• Oversee maintenance of equipment
• Oversee supplies and inventory

Job Qualifications:

• Strong analytical and planning skills;
• Good communication and presentation skills;
• Excellent problem-solving skills;
• Female, Licensed Chemist or Licensed
Chemical Technician
• With a strong background in Electrical and
Equipment Industry is a plus

Contact Person / Details:
Hope Pallones

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