Webinar: 4th National Conference of Chemical Laboratories

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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of developing robust systems in all fields, including health, agriculture, industry, education, environment, governance, and others. This pandemic has also given us the opportunity to reassess our operations so that we can work more effectively under the new normal. The ICP invites all chemistry professionals, including the planners and decision-makers of chemical laboratories, to attend the 4th National Conference of Chemical Laboratories to discuss new solutions to meet the challenges of this pandemic and the post-pandemic. This will be held on 23-25 November 2020 and will be streamed via Cisco Webex.

The 4th NCCL will cover various updates on profession-related topics, such as the Career Progression and Specialization Program for the Chemistry Profession and the Accreditation of Chemical Laboratories. There will also be updates on drinking water laboratories, food safety, and environmental analysis, among others. The Board of Chemistry will be invited to provide updates from the PRC.

View more details regarding this online event (including registration procedure) at: www.icp.org.ph/NCCL

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