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  • 6th National Conference of Chemical Laboratories: Ensuring Consistent Quality and Reliability in a VUCA World through Chemical Laboratory Management
    The aim of this virtual conference is for chemical laboratories to be knowledgeable of the strategies to be consistent in the provision of accurate and reliable chemical test results through continual improvements in the implementation of chemical laboratory management.
  • Forensics: Chemistry and the Law (19-20 Jul 2022)
    The Integrated Chemists of the Philippines (ICP) will be organizing the webinar entitled “Forensics: Chemistry and the Law” on 19-20 July 2022, live via online teleconference software! The purpose of this webinar is for Chemistry professionals to learn about the Chemistry of Forensics which is used as tool to determine the culprit of a crime and aid in an investigation. It will be providing topics on various chemical methodologies used in Forensic Chemistry. It will also highlight the importance of the Chemistry profession to provide the necessary competence to arrive at accurate and reliable test results leading to good decision making in investigations.
  • ChemWeek 2022: Chemistry is the Central Science (14-15 Feb 2022)
    In celebration of Chemistry Week 2022, ICP will host a webinar highlighting the importance of Chemistry as a central science. It will be providing topics on the importance of Chemistry Profession to our society and how the profession contribute to national progress, quality and productivity. It will also tackle topics on how Chemistry Professionals perform their duties and responsibilities based on the Chemistry Profession Act of the Philippines and ethical standards.