ICP Conducts Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Basic Laboratory Equipment Seminar

By Dr. Linda Torres

The Integrated Chemists of the Philippines (ICP)  conducted a one-day seminar on “Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Basic Laboratory Equipment” in  Silliman University, Dumaguete City on April 8, 2013  prior to the 28th Philippine Chemistry Congress.  This  is in coordination with  the Department of  Chemistry  of  Silliman University chaired by Dr. Paulina Aspilla.

Tony Vella, lecture on HPLC

Archie Torres, lecture on UVvis & AASEdna Mijares, lecture on GC

Top to bottom: Mr. Carmel Tony Vella (HPLCworks), Mr. Arturo Torres (Shimadzu), Ms. Edna Mijares (Jefcor)

Invited Speakers include Mr. Carmel  Tony Vella of HPLCworks Philippines based in California, USA;   Mr. Arturo Torres of Shimadzu Philippines Corporation and Ms. Edna Mijares, CEO, Jefcor Laboratories  and   ICP 1st Vice-President. Ms. Mijares discussed the preventive maintenance and troubleshooting of gas chromatography,  followed by   Mr. Vella’s talk on  HPLC.  Meanwhile, Mr. Torres conducted a comprehensive presentation on preventive maintenance and troubleshooting of UV-Vis spectrophometry and atomic absorption chromatography in the afternoon.

Toby Dayrit, Paulina Aspilla, Edna Mijares, Tony Vella

 ICP President Dr. Toby Dayrit (left) with speakersLinda Torres, Archie Torres, Edna Mijares, Toby Dayrit

Chemistry Department Chair of Silliman University Dr. Paulina Aspilla (left), Dr. Toby Dayrit (right) and speakersICP seminar on instrumentation, Silliman Univ, April 8 2013Speakers and Participants of the seminar

Dr. Fabian Dayrit, ICP President welcomed the participants  and stressed ICP’s commitment for continuing professional education to our chemists. The seminar was participated by 67 ICP members and non-members chemists all over the country including chemistry students of the said university. ICP would like to acknowledge Mr. Bernardo Mitra Sr.  for sponsoring the foods served during  the seminar. It was a succesful activity again by the ICP despite of a short preparation and notices to our members. Let’s congratulate Ms. Mijares for spearheading this activity. Job well done.

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