Quality Assurance Supervisor, Universal Robina Corporation

Name of Company / Institution: Universal Robina Corporation

Work Location: Purok 4, Marangle Road, Brgy. Del Rosario, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Company Brief Description:

Universal Robina Corporation (URC) is one of the largest branded consumer food and beverage product companies in the Philippines. We’ve built three strong regional brands over the years— Jack ‘n Jill for snack foods, C2 Cool and Clean for ready-to-drink tea, and Great Taste for coffee. These brands are becoming popular across the ASEAN region. URC’s key to success has been attributed to building strong brands, robust product innovation pipeline, and world-class manufacturing and supply chain capabilities.

Job Title: Quality Assurance Supervisor

Job Responsibilities:

A.      General

  • Develop, implement and continuously improve the quality system and be responsible for maintaining ISO 22000 and HACCP Certification and their implementation.
  • Participate in monitoring, verifying and improving the established Quality System through Quality audits, data collection, data analysis and in-house training.
  • Report and analyze consumer complaint trends.
  • Carry out QC approval of finished products, quality monitoring activities on the production lines against the established standards in the area of regulatory, quality and food safety requirement.
  • Provide statistical analysis on machinery performance and quality status for continuous improvement and supports company quality activities.
  • Support CAPEX validation, quality-related projects and activities
  • End-to-end BOM Champion
  • Performs other functions as may be assigned by superior from time to time

B.      Quality

  • Ensures the compliance of material, products, utilities, and equipment to the established quality standards
  • Ensures the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and initiates maintenance of good working environment conditions

C.      Food Safety

  • Maintains the proper implementation of ISO 22000 or Food Safety Management System of VUR
  • Deputy of the Food Safety Team Leader

Job Qualifications:

  • Male or Female
  • Must have a Bachelor’s/College Degree preferable major in Analytical Chemistry/ Biochemistry / Food Technology/ Science.
  • Minimum three years of working experience in maintaining and implementing ISO and HACCP accreditation in FMCG Food/ Beverage industries for degree holder.
  • Minimum five years for higher diploma/ higher certificate holder
  • Must have supervisory position experience
  • Not color blind, physically fit, energetic and detail oriented.
  • Leadership – collaborative, team player, and driven from facts and non-judgmental
  • Has initiative, analytical, and aptitude for trouble shooting
  • Good communication skills to all levels
  • Good in English writing and verbal communication skill
  • Time management and sense of urgency
  • Able to work in team and under pressure
Type of Employment:Full-time
Available Slots:1
Monthly Salary Range:PHP 30,001 to PHP 40,000

Contact Person / Details:
Erika Marie C. Hautea

Chemist, CRL Calabarquez Corporation

Name of Company / Institution: CRL Calabarquez Corporation

Work Location: LIIP Admin Building Mamplasan Biñan Laguna

Company Brief Description:

CRL Calabarquez Corporation is a full-service environmental air and water quality and industrial hygiene testing services provider that serves its customers’ environmental testing or industrial hygiene needs may it be for local or international compliance testing, internal requirements, verification, research and development, and any other purposes. Our company’s headquarters is located at LIIP Admin Bldg., Laguna International Industrial Park, Mamplasan, Biñan, Laguna and with a branch at CEZ Laboratory, Road B, STP, Cavite Economic Zone, Rosario, Cavite.

Job Title: Chemist

Job Responsibilities:

  • Instrumental and classical analyses of environmental, work environment measurement (WEM) and related samples.
  • Other functions relevant to laboratory operations (Equipment and labware maintenance, QA, health and safety, etc.)
  • With integrity and high work ethics, team-player, can work with minimum supervision.
  • Willing to work in Laguna.

Job Qualifications:

  • Graduate of BS Chemistry or allied course
  • Preferably with experience in environmental analysis.
  • Registered Chemist.
Type of Employment:Full-time
Available Slots:1
Monthly Salary Range:PHP 15,001 to PHP 20,000

Contact Person / Details:
Alina B. Vergara

QA Analyst (Chemical Technician), Purebev International Corporation

Name of Company / Institution: Purebev International Corporation

Work Location: Km. 42 Governors Drive, Brgy. Hugo Perez, Trece Martires City. Cavite

Company Brief Description:

Food/toll manufacturing plant that produces aseptically packed beverages like milk, chocolate-milk and fruit juice drinks.

Job Title: QA Analyst (Chemical Technician)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct physico-chem analysis of other brand sample such as % TS, % Fat, pH, specific gravity and % TA based on approved standard.
  2. Responsible in calibration and verification of laboratory equipment such as pH meter, oven, balances and thermometer.
  3. Monitor stocks of chemical and consumables needed for chemical analysis and inform Lab Supervisor for requisition.
  4. Perform analysis of analytical results (% Fat and % TS) to determine performance.
  5. Investigate cause of non-attainment of standard parameters and suggest corrective action to achieve the standard.
  6. Prepares written QA report for the results obtained from physico-chem analysis.
  7. Performs pH checking and sensory on QA incubated samples as part of a product release.
  8. Prepares Notice of Release and COA for every product released based on passed microbiological and physico-chem results in the absence of Micro-analyst.
  9. Responsible in receiving Raw/Packaging materials and conduct quality inspection/analysis.
  10. Maintains cleanliness and orderliness in the QA Central Lab.
  11. Responsible for maintaining lab instruments and equipment in good working condition.
  12. Maintains adherence to documented GLPs.
  13. Records chemical consumption for every usage taking note of the lot numbers and expiry dates.
  14. Maintains updated inventory of chemicals received for implementation of FEFO.
  15. Performs other tasks that may be assigned to him/ her from time to time.
  16. To follow and uphold all Company Rules and Regulation, Health and Safety Procedures and the company’s FSMS and SHE Policy.

Job Qualifications:

  • Must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Food Science, Food Technology or any related allied courses
  • Must be a Licensed Chemical Technician (Passed Board/Professional License Exam)
  • With or without experience in the food manufacturing industry
  • Flexible, hardworking, willing to work in shifting schedule and computer literate.
  • With basic knowledge in good laboratory practices, laboratory safety
  • Knowledgeable in various laboratory analysis and operation of various laboratory equipments
  • With knowledge of GMP, HACCP and Food Safety Standards
  • Good communication skills and computer literate
  • Good Analytical skills
  • With good leadership skills and the ability to relate well in all levels of the organization
  • Willing to relocate in Trece Martires Cavite or in a nearby place
Type of Employment:Full-time
Available Slots:1
Monthly Salary Range:PHP 12,001 to PHP 15,000

Contact Person / Details:
Anne Loqueloque

Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Ecolab Philippines Inc.

Name of Company / Institution: Ecolab Philippines Inc.

Work Location: CTP Asean Tower Asean Drive Spectrum Midway Filinvest City, Alabang Muntinlupa City

Company Brief Description:

Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services that help protect people, planet and business health. We deliver comprehensive science-based solutions, data-driven insights and world-class service to advance food safety, help maintain clean and safe environments, optimize water and energy use, and improve operational efficiencies and sustainability for customers throughout the world.

Job Title: Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Job Responsibilities:

  • Focuses on evaluating the most feasible chemical permit for speed of market access
  • Prepare dossier for submission to the regulatory agency
  • Perform activities for getting the relevant chemical permits as per business goals including acting as the liaison person between the company and EMB
  • Maintaining timely and accurate update of the progress tracker and communicating the progress to the business stakeholders
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance of products to ensure compliance of the company to EMB regulations for business continuity

Job Qualifications:

  • Graduate of BS Chemistry
  • Experienced in applying Chemical Management Permits with EMB Philippines
  • Knowledgeable of organic and inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry; analytical chemistry
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of Philippine Chemical Legislations.
  • With good analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Possess good organizational skills, a proactive mindset, and ability to multitask and prioritize work.
  • Express self well in English both orally and in writing.
  • Proficient in Windows and MS Office Applications.
  • Demonstrate professionalism and integrity at work
  • Able to work and communicate well in a team
Type of Employment:Full-time
Available Slots:1
Monthly Salary Range:PHP 40,001 to PHP 50,000

Contact Person / Details:
Vincent Joseph Cilot

Quality Assurance Analyst, Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation

Name of Company / Institution: Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation

Work Location: 18 J.P. Bautista Avenue Potrero Malabon City

Company Brief Description:


Our vision is to be a recognized leading manufacturer and distributor of world-class products in the non-food consumer category in the Philippines and in the Asian region. Providing and developing new, safe, convenient, and innovative personal care products for consumers who would like to look good and feel great everyday.


We shall produce quality personal care products that will enhance our customers’ sense of well- being.

Towards this end, we are committed to provide:

  • Our employees – meaningful work and opportunities for professional development and ensure continuous individual and team growth.
  • Our customers – personalized attention and high quality products
  • Our shareholders – consistent returns on their investment, growth of equity and comprehensive brand management for all principals
  • Our community and country – support for economic development and practice of corporate social responsibility.


Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation traces its humble beginnings to the post -war era when the late Don Vicente Ang Genato began manufacturing pomade and loose powder in a modest backyard operation. Not realizing then that his small business enterprise would be the start of a large corporation, the industrious man steered the business into full operations, gradually acquiring additional equipment and introducing rigid quality control in all production processes at its in-house laboratory. The business soon introduced other products to meet the increasing demand for quality cosmetics. By 1967, Vibelle was incorporated as a family-owned corporation.
The company’s turning point came with the introduction and successful marketing of Caronia, a homegrown brand of nail polish. Since then, Vibelle has earned its name as the forerunner in the personal care market through its well-established and well-known brands. From this time and in the following 20 years, the Caronia nail care line enjoyed dominance in the market previously unprecedented for a local brand.
More recently, Caronia expanded its product line to include a complete nail care line and a range of new hand and foot care products such as the revitalizing foot soak and the nourishing crème with a unique tea tree scent. . In addition, Caronia added to its product line a set of hand sanitizers and body mists in natural scents.
In 1968, Vibelle acquired the license from the Andrew Jergens Company USA to manufacture and distribute personal care products under the Jergens label, establishing Jergens as a byword in the Filipino household. Shortly after,“ Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific“Shampoo and Conditioner were introduced in the market with an upbeat and aggressive advertising campaign that generated high recall through its catchphrase label. The hair care line captured a sizeable market share for sometime.
In 1993, breakthroughs in Jergens skincare products catapulted the company to a leading position in the market, dominating it with a 40% market share
Through the years, additional lines were introduced like Joie Cosmetics, Queenie Cosmetics, P. Roberts for Men and toothpaste brands Fresh and White and White on White. Production and marketing of these brands, however, were gradually discontinued as the personal care market changed due to changing consumer expectations.
In 2005, Vibelle Distribution Inc. (VDI) was established to spin off from Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation (VMC) the marketing and sales and distribution functions. This was done to give focus and greater autonomy to developing and promoting the Vibelle brands and to ensure market presence and improve sales of Vibelle products. As a wholly owned subsidiary of VMC, VDI operates as a separate legal entity but considers itself still a close member of the Vibelle family and adopts the values and work philosophy of VMC.
However, Vibelle continued to keep abreast of the changing consumer market by introducing new products from its principals as well as its own to cater to the demands of new consumer sectors such as the youth, men, and mothers. In 2015, the Biore sun protection products (UV line) were launched in April while the make-up remover line was introduced in September.
Then in June 2016, the Liese fashion hair colors were introduced to the Philippine market. Just over a year later, in October 2017, the Blaune line of hair colors for grey cover was launched
Still part of this aggressive expansion was the launching of Merries baby diapers in May 2017 and Meg Rhythm eye masks in January 2018. As of June 2018, other products for launching have already been identified and being planned for introduction in the Philippine personal care market.
Today, Vibelle carries a wide range of personal care items dedicated to promoting healthful living among the Filipino people.
Still part of this aggressive expansion was the launching of Merries baby diapers in May 2017 and Meg Rhythm eye masks in January 2018. As of June 2018, other products for launching have already been identified and being planned for introduction in the Philippine personal care market.
Today, Vibelle carries a wide range of personal care items dedicated to promoting healthful living among the Filipino people.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Performs evaluation of raw materials, packaging materials, in-process and finished products to ensure conformance with technical specifications through established physical and chemical test procedures.
  • Provides technical support to operations by enforcing strict cGMP compliance;
  • Ensures that all products produced are in compliance with regulatory requirements prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and other applicable regulatory agencies.

Job Qualifications:

  • Must be a licensed Chemist or Chemical Technician Graduate of BS Chemistry
  • Adapt in using standard laboratory equipment and instruments;
  • Knowledgeable in audit procedures and accreditation processes such as cGMP and ISO.
  • Must be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status;
  • Preferably has at least one year prior work experience in quality assurance and control;
  • Preferably has prior work experience in the personal care or cosmetic industry;
  • Highly analytical, has good attention to details, and can work with minimal supervision;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office or equivalent software;
  • Has above average written and oral communications skills;
  • Willing to work overtime and to be based in Potrero, Malabon City.
  • Job Types: Permanent, Fresh graduate
  • Schedule: 8 hour shift
Type of Employment:Full-time
Available Slots:1
Monthly Salary Range:PHP 15,001 to PHP 20,000

Contact Person / Details: