Step 2: Accomplish the Registration Form Below

REMINDERS (Please read):
NOTE: The ICP takes into consideration your ability to follow the guidelines and instructions. Please follow the instructions carefully.

1. Prepare for the following files to be uploaded in the registration form:

  • Scanned copy or photograph of the machine-validated deposit slip (or screenshot of your online transaction) you used to pay for the ICP membership fee (required; maximum file size: 2 MB)
  • Your ID picture for the ICP membership card (required; maximum dimension: 800 x 800 pixels, maximum file size: 2 MB)
  • Scanned copy or photograph of your PRC Chemist or Chemical Technician license (only for those who already have it with them; maximum file size: 2 MB)

2. Make sure to review your entry before submitting. The information printed on your membership card will appear as entered in this form.

3. A confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail shortly after submitting your form. Please check it immediately for any discrepancy.

Fields with an asterisk (*) are required. Maximum size of each file attachment: 2 MB.

ICP Membership Registration Form


All of the information written above are true and correct.

Please wait for a status prompt to appear below after clicking the SUBMIT button.