Applying for ICP Membership

The ICP currently has the following types of paid membership:

  • Regular members are individuals who passed the Chemist Licensure Examination administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).
  • Associate members are individuals who passed the Chemical Technician Licensure Examination administered by the PRC.
  • Foreign members are non-Filipino nationals who have been granted permission by the PRC to practice the chemistry profession in the Philippines.

Membership Entitlements: Active ICP members may participate and avail of discounted registration rates in activities organized by the ICP such as lectures, seminars, and workshops, and in the annual Philippine Chemistry Congress. However, only regular members have the right to nominate, vote for, and hold an elected ICP board position.

Be a part of the accredited professional organization of chemists and chemical technicians in the Philippines. Please follow the two-step registration procedure below to become an ICP member.

STEP 1: Remit Your Membership Fee

1. Prepare your respective membership fee:

  • PHP 750.00 (for New Member)
  • PHP 600.00 (for Renewal of Membership)

Membership validity is good for three (3) years.
NOTE: Make sure to pay your respective fee as indicated above. Any form of tax deduction from the fees stated is discouraged.

2. Deposit your payment to the following bank account:

Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands
Account Name: Integrated Chemists of the Philippines
Account Number: 3081-0830-95

3. Scan or photograph your machine-validated deposit slip. Also, prepare your ID picture for the ICP membership card (Maximum dimension: 800 x 800 pixels; maximum file size: 2 MB). These are needed to be attached to the online registration form in Step 2.

STEP 2: Accomplish the ICP Membership Online Registration Form

1. Prepare for the following files to be uploaded in the online registration form:

  • Scanned copy or photograph of your PRC Chemist or Chemical Technician license (only for those who already have it with them)
  • Scanned copy or photograph of the machine-validated deposit slip you used to pay for the ICP membership fee
  • Your ID picture for the ICP membership card (Maximum dimension: 800 x 800 pixels; maximum file size: 2 MB)

2. Fill in the necessary details in the ICP Membership Registration Form (please click on the link below). Make sure to review your entry before submitting as the information printed on your membership card will appear as entered in this form. An automatic reply confirming your successful ICP membership registration will be sent to your e-mail shortly after submitting your form.

3. Congratulations, you are now part of the ICP! The ICP office secretary shall send a scanned copy of your official receipt (to your email address) as soon as possible. The actual receipt may be obtained when you pick up your membership card at the head office, or be sent together with the membership card through delivery.


For inquiries on ICP membership, please send an email to