Procedure for Job Posting on the ICP Website

The ICP highly encourages neutral employment policies and practices. Thus, any preference tending to favor or disfavor a particular race, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, or any other particular class of individuals in the hiring process of applicants is frowned upon.

The ICP is committed in advancing the professional growth of registered chemists and registered chemical technicians in the country. As such, we offer free posting of your company’s job vacancies related to the chemistry profession on the ICP website.

Kindly refer to the procedure below for us to assist your company in this endeavor.

1. Prepare a soft copy of an official letter of request (PDF file; maximum size: 1 MB) from your company addressed to

Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit
President, Integrated Chemists of the Philippines
Unit 235 Cityland Pioneer Condominium
128 Pioneer Street, Highway Hills,
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

2. Accomplish the Job Posting Request Form (link at the bottom of the page). The soft copy of your company’s letter of request will also be uploaded on the said form. (NOTE: Only job posting requests related to the chemistry profession may be accommodated.) Please accomplish the form separately for each of your company’s job vacancy.

3. The staff will process your request in batches (once or twice a month, depending on volume). Once processed, you will receive an email and the job posting will be viewable on the Jobs page of the ICP website. The job posting will be tagged with the date we received your request through the Job Posting Request Form.

4. Kindly inform the ICP (via email) if the job has already been taken, or if you wish remove it from the ICP Jobs page.

5. The ICP reserves the right to decline a job posting request if the procedures are not followed, or if it is detrimental to the ICP and/or chemistry profession.

(Guidelines last updated: 27 April 2023)