Regular operations at the ICP head office resume on 1 June 2020. However, please be advised of the COVID-19 preventive measures during the general community quarantine. Expect a delay in the delivery of your membership card, chemist seal, or other merchandise especially to areas where strict movement orders are still in place. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

According to Section 37 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Chemistry Profession Act of 2015, each registered chemist must obtain his/her own chemist seal. This is to be used in certifying documents such as results of testing analyses, certification reports, and other official papers coming out of a chemical laboratory.

(All indicated prices/fees are per single quantity.)

  • Each personalized registered chemist seal costs two thousand five hundred pesos (PHP 2,500). Payment must first be remitted to the following bank account (through bank deposit or online transfer):

Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands
Account Name: Integrated Chemists of the Philippines
Account Number: 3081-0830-95

  • When finished, your chemist seal shall contain the following information you have entered on this form (all in UPPER CASE):


  • For delivery: kindly refer to the additional delivery fee for each seal below:

Within Metro Manila: PHP 325
Luzon (excluding Metro Manila): PHP 380
Visayas/Mindanao: PHP 450

Note: the appropriate delivery fee is per single quantity of the seal.

  • The ICP and its official seal manufacturer will NOT process orders with incomplete, partial, or tax-deducted payments.
  • The ICP shall only issue an acknowledgment receipt, NOT an official receipt, as this is a service provided by the ICP. Should you need an official receipt, kindly add 15% tax (or a total of PHP 2,875) to your payment of the seal.
  • A scanned copy, photograph, or screenshot of each is required to be uploaded (maximum file size: 1 MB) on the online order form below: deposit slip or payment transaction as your proof of payment, and your PRC Chemist License.
  • Chemist seals are made per batch, with each batch containing a specified number of orders as determined by the supplier. The supplier will start processing a certain batch once it has been filled with orders, which may take at least one to two months, depending on the influx of orders.
  • For pick-up at the ICP office: Our office secretary will inform you (via text) if your seal is now ready for pick-up. NOTE: claiming of your chemist seal is done every Friday, from 9AM to 5PM. Kindly coordinate with Ms Julie Trinidad at via landline at (02) 8635-3575.
  • To follow up your order, kindly contact:

Ms. Julie Trinidad
Office Secretary, ICP
Telefax: (+632) 8635 3575
Mobile: +63 907 751 7121
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM

All fields are required. Maximum size of each file attachment: 1 MB.

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