The Chemistry Act of 2010

You may view the copy of the Chemistry Act (Senate bill 2049) HERE.

Senator Edgardo J. Angara pushes for amendments in the country’s Chemistry law in order to strengthen the profession and underscore its role in national development.

“Chemistry is an integral component of S&T, and sadly, the Philippines has been slow in adapting to changes which are brought about by the rise of international standards and global competition. Recent developments and innovations in the field have underscored the urgency of repealing the decades-old Chemistry Law,” Angara said who chairs the Congressional Commission on Science, Technology, and Engineering (COMSTE).

He added, “It is imperative for the country to enact a responsive policy instrument that is responsive to the demands of the profession and global competitiveness trends.”

The “Chemistry Law of 2009” seeks to emphasize the role of chemistry in national development by promoting and protecting the interests of chemistry profession. It also aims to elevate the standards of the profession by strengthening the promotion, regulation and measures for continued development in the field.

“Building a strong Science & Technology foundation is necessary for the country to push forward and become competitive on the global stage,” Angara emphasized.

Angara however revealed, “Science and Technology is not given utmost attention in relation to its role in the progress of our country,”

Republic Act No. 754 otherwise known as the Chemistry Law was enacted June 18, 1952 or almost six decades ago. It was deemed outdated and fails to response to the demands of global trends. The proposed Chemistry Law will boost the country’s aspirations towards global competitiveness.

“We intend to fuel the creativity of our local scientists and stimulate a synergy of ideas, forge connections between scientists in the Philippines and the international scientific community; and eventually propel the country as a respectable source of S&T innovations, much like Taiwan and Korea have done,” said Angara.

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