ICP Board Election 2017: List of Candidates and How to Vote

Please click on the following names to view their respective curriculum vitae (some personal information have been omitted or redacted for security reasons):

Glenn Alea, PhD (De La Salle University – Manila)

Ms. Nenita Marayag (National Reference Laboratory, DOH)

Ms. Teresita Corpuz (Terecor Environmental Health and Safety Consultancy Services)
Ms. Priscilla Alice Samonte (Nuevochem Specialties, Inc.)



The Election will be until 11:59PM of 30 June 2017 (Friday). There are two ways to cast your vote (choose only one):

  1. You may download the ballot from the link below (Additional instructions are included in the file), or
  2. You may visit the online ballot form at this link: https://www.icp.org.ph/vote.

To submit your vote, the voter must enter his/her valid PRC Chemist License number. The ICP COMELEC will verify the validity of your PRC Chemist license number before your vote is counted.

For inquiries, please send an email at ICPComelec@gmail.com.

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