Announcement for ICP Constitution Referendum 2017

Why does the ICP need a new Constitution and Bylaws?

The ICP, which was founded in 1978, was established under RA 754. With the passage of RA 10657 on 27 March 27 2015, it is necessary to adopt a new ICP Constitution and Bylaws which are consistent with the new Chemistry Profession Act.

Following are the main revisions which are being introduced in the draft Constitution:

  • New provisions on membership which include Associate Membership for Registered Chemical Technicians
  • Membership in the ICP shall be limited to Registered Chemists and Registered Chemical Technicians
  • More structured system to strengthen Chapters, Associate Chapters and Clusters
  • Provisions which are consistent with Continuing Professional Development

A referendum is being held on the draft ICP Constitution and Bylaws and all ICP members are invited to cast their votes. Only individuals with updated ICP membership may be able to vote. The referendum is EXTENDED until 6 October 2017 (ending at 11:59PM).

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