QA Analyst (Chemical Technician), Purebev International Corporation

Name of Company / Institution: Purebev International Corporation

Work Location: Km. 42 Governors Drive, Brgy. Hugo Perez, Trece Martires City. Cavite

Company Brief Description:

Food/toll manufacturing plant that produces aseptically packed beverages like milk, chocolate-milk and fruit juice drinks.

Job Title: QA Analyst (Chemical Technician)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct physico-chem analysis of other brand sample such as % TS, % Fat, pH, specific gravity and % TA based on approved standard.
  2. Responsible in calibration and verification of laboratory equipment such as pH meter, oven, balances and thermometer.
  3. Monitor stocks of chemical and consumables needed for chemical analysis and inform Lab Supervisor for requisition.
  4. Perform analysis of analytical results (% Fat and % TS) to determine performance.
  5. Investigate cause of non-attainment of standard parameters and suggest corrective action to achieve the standard.
  6. Prepares written QA report for the results obtained from physico-chem analysis.
  7. Performs pH checking and sensory on QA incubated samples as part of a product release.
  8. Prepares Notice of Release and COA for every product released based on passed microbiological and physico-chem results in the absence of Micro-analyst.
  9. Responsible in receiving Raw/Packaging materials and conduct quality inspection/analysis.
  10. Maintains cleanliness and orderliness in the QA Central Lab.
  11. Responsible for maintaining lab instruments and equipment in good working condition.
  12. Maintains adherence to documented GLPs.
  13. Records chemical consumption for every usage taking note of the lot numbers and expiry dates.
  14. Maintains updated inventory of chemicals received for implementation of FEFO.
  15. Performs other tasks that may be assigned to him/ her from time to time.
  16. To follow and uphold all Company Rules and Regulation, Health and Safety Procedures and the company’s FSMS and SHE Policy.

Job Qualifications:

  • Must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Food Science, Food Technology or any related allied courses
  • Must be a Licensed Chemical Technician (Passed Board/Professional License Exam)
  • With or without experience in the food manufacturing industry
  • Flexible, hardworking, willing to work in shifting schedule and computer literate.
  • With basic knowledge in good laboratory practices, laboratory safety
  • Knowledgeable in various laboratory analysis and operation of various laboratory equipments
  • With knowledge of GMP, HACCP and Food Safety Standards
  • Good communication skills and computer literate
  • Good Analytical skills
  • With good leadership skills and the ability to relate well in all levels of the organization
  • Willing to relocate in Trece Martires Cavite or in a nearby place
Type of Employment:Full-time
Available Slots:1
Monthly Salary Range:PHP 12,001 to PHP 15,000

Contact Person / Details:
Anne Loqueloque

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