Head Chemist, Laboratory Chemist, Alpha Laboratory Calamba Philippines Corporation

Name of Company / Institution: Alpha Laboratory Calamba Philippines Corporation

Work Location: LTO Road, City of Calamba Laguna, Philippines

Company Brief Description:

ALPHA LAB shall strengthen the general analytical and research capabilities, to uphold the ideals of the company and its employees for the Glory of the Almighty and for regional as well as national environmental development and human advancement. Water and environmental analyses shall be one of the prime concerns of the Water Laboratory.

ALPHA LAB takes the extra mile in providing technical and advisory services to its client in the business, industry, community, government, and private entities on general analytical and environmental tests.

ALPHA LAB is committed:
To provide assistance, in terms of physical-chemical and bacteriological analyses of water (drinking, marine, waste, fresh, and industrial) and other special samples, to business, industry, community, government, and private entities.

To accommodate services for clients in order to optimize the utilization of expertise and equipment available, as well as to sustain the operational and financial viability of the Laboratory.

To serve as a key player for environmental utilization and management, for the Greater Glory of God, the Nation, the community, and beyond.

Job Title: Head Chemist, Laboratory Chemist

Job Responsibilities:

  • Those hired will include work with ICP-OES and GC-MS machines in the Laboratory as well as other parameters listed¬† in PNSDW 2017,¬† DAO 2016-08 and the updated DAO 2021-19.
  • Job will include Physico-Chemical analysis for Potable Water and Wastewater.
  • Responsible for other laboratory functions (QA, Laboratory instruments, Laboratory Safety)
  • Encoding and Checking of Laboratory results.
  • Supervision to other analysts primarily the Chemical Technicians.
  • Will serve as the Primary Signatory for the Laboratory.
  • Working Schedule is Monday to Friday only, from 8am-5pm or 7am-4pm.

Job Qualifications:

  • Experience in Wastewater Tests is a plus and is subject to a better/higher negotiable salary.
  • Those with no experience in Water Testing are encouraged to apply as the company will guide you in expanding your laboratory capabilities adding knowledge and proficiency in water testing.
  • Registered Chemists with experience
  • New Registered Chemists are also welcomed to apply.
Type of Employment:Full-time
Available Slots:1
Monthly Salary Range:PHP 25,001 to PHP 30,000

Contact Person / Details:
Mr. Psalm Gamboa

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