Laboratory Technician, LEYE AGRI CORPORATION

Name of Company / Institution: LEYE AGRI CORPORATION


Company Brief Description:

LEYTE AGRI CORPORATION is located at Ormoc City, Leyte. We started operations last September 1, 2001 and is the first nonexclusive bioethanol producer and manufacturer in the Philippines. It remains steadfast in meeting the growing demand for bioethanol fuel.

Job Title: Laboratory Technician

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Collect daily tank molasses, perform pH, Brix, %TSAI, & %RS analyses on its  composite and relay the results to the fermentation personnel.
  2. Determine Percent Unfermentable Sugar  (UFS) and Percent Sludge on the weekly molasses composite.
  3. Perform initial and final evaluation (pH, Brix, Density, % TSAI, % Sludge, %UFS, % Precipitate & %Total Solids) on the delivered molasses from suppliers.
  4. Check pH and microbial count of the Fermentation in-process samples (BC, PF, SC, MC, zero/six hour).
  5. Analyze the Percent Residual Sugar (%RS) of fermented beer from VAT.
  6. Check pH and analyze microbial count of the existing lab yeast culture every 12 hours.
  7. Agar preparation
  8. Yeast propagation and maintenance.
  9. Perform effective microorganism (EM1) propagation and check the pH and microbial count of the wastewater samples treated by EM1 every three days.
  10. Analyze the Percent Acidity Content of the bioethanol and denatured alcohol before tank loading.
  11. Analyze the %TSAI, pH, Brix & % Sludge of molasses from old and new tank source every week.
  12. Perform inventory of chemicals and glassware.
  13. Prepare necessary reagents used in all analyses.

Job Qualifications:

  • Registered Chemical Technician or Registered Chemist
  • At least 1-year of work experience but open to all fresh graduates ( fresh graduate must be a licensed Chem Tech)
  • Must be willing to render overtime and work in shifting schedule
  • Applicant must be willing to work in Ormoc City, Leyte
Type of Employment:Full-time
Available Slots:1
Monthly Salary Range:PHP 15,001 to PHP 20,000

Contact Person / Details:
Marian Diendo

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