Work Location: Sitio San Juan, Brgy. Camugao, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental

Company Brief Description:

Universal Robina Corporation (PSE:URC) is one of the largest branded consumer food and beverage product companies in the Philippines and has a significant and growing presence in the PAN-ASEAN markets with its recent expansion in New Zealand and Australia through the acquisition of Griffin’s Foods, the number one snack-foods company in New Zealand, and Consolidated Snacks Pty Ltd (Snackbrands), Australia’s second largest salty snacks company. URC is among the Philippines’ pioneers in the industry. It has been in operation for over 50 years since John Gokongwei, Jr. established Universal Corn Products, Inc, a cornstarch manufacturing plant in Pasig, in 1954.

URC is engaged in a wide variety of businesses. Its core branded consumer foods group includes manufacturing and distribution of snack-foods, beverages, and grocery products. In the Philippines, the company is also into food ingredients (flour milling, sugar milling, and refining) and allied agro-industrial products (hog farming, animal feed milling, glucose, soya products, and veterinary compounds). URC has also invested in ancillary segments mainly focusing on renewable sources of energy to further add value and process byproducts to produce biogas, fuel grade bio-ethanol, and power (biomass cogeneration).

URC is the country’s top producer of raw sugar, with a total output of 417,000 metric tons accounting for 17 percent of total domestic production. It operates six sugar mills and refineries across the country with a combined capacity to process 40,000 tons of sugar cane and 32,000 bags of refined sugar per day. URC is the country’s third-largest supplier of refined sugar, with actual production of 2.9 million bags per year.

Job Title: Quality Assurance Analyst

Job Responsibilities:

To ensure the quality and integrity of products and related-processes such as (1) packaging monitoring and acceptance (2)cane analysis (3) raw sugar quality monitoring (4) refined sugar quality monitoring (5) bagging (6) coding, and (7) warehousing in accordance to the requirements and specifications set by the (a) URC-SURE Quality Management Systems, (b) the URC-SURE Operating Requirements, (c) applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of the Philippines and (d) international standards.

  1. Ensure the quality and integrity of product from receipt of packaging and raw materials with impact on quality, cane analysis, raw sugar production, refined sugar production, date coding, up to warehousing.
    • Ensure that all preparation activities are done before the start-up of the Line: this includes the cleaning and sanitation, start-up verification of control points, startup checklist of bagging room
    • Ensure provision of correct date code prior production run
    • Perform physico-chemical and facilitate organoleptic analysis of  in-process and final product
    • Ensure proper disposition of products and processes related thereto:
      • Ensure that only products meeting Company specifications are
      • Ensure that non-conforming materials are properly identified, confirmed and segregated in accordance with the requirements for Control of Non-Conforming Products and Materials
    • Verify that the Process Owners conduct monitoring of quality parameters and identified critical control points
    • Ensure that the equipment used for Product Manufacturing are in compliance to established and existing Cleaning and Sanitation requirements.
    • Stop Production Line when results of physico-chemical, packaging, and organoleptic analysis shows that the process output is non-compliant to Company or Regulatory requirements.
  2. Ensure that process and equipment validation are carried out in accordance to the requirements of Quality and Food Safety when there are changes (i.e. new materials, new formulation, new equipment, new technology, etc.).•       Ensure that quality test protocols are carried out on the validation of product or production line when variables (technology, process aides, equipment tank, holding time extensions, etc.) are introduced.
    • Conduct physico-chemical and organoleptic testing protocols for the validation of any change in the process
  3. Effective maintenance and management of work area to ensure sustainability of operations and compliance to Quality Management System, Food Safety  Management Systems, Laboratory Management System, Environment and Safety.
    • Maintain Verify and/or Calibrate all equipment used in the physico-chemical analysis
    • Prepare chemicals, reagents and standards needed in the physico-chemical and organoleptic analysis
    • Conduct management of laboratory supplies and services to prevent neither lack of supply inventory nor lack of lead time for services.
    • Implement Good Laboratory Practices, and maintain orderliness and cleanliness of the work area through 5S.
    • Assess GMP / GWP of the operational areas related to the production and process area
    • Dispose properly the wastes and chemicals generated by the Laboratory to ensure protection of the Environment.
    • Record results of analyses and inspections to Final respective and designated process forms to ensure efficient traceability.
    • Maintain quality records and documents related to product integrity and line quality monitoring.
    • Conduct forward and backward traceability of all water, in-process, and final product.
  4. Sustain Continuous Improvement, and participate in the Internal Audits.
    Issue Notice To Advise to Process Owners regarding non-conformance identified during the Production Run.
    • Attend and participate in the Root-Cause Analysis, and Corrective and Preventive Action Planning Meetings to sustain improvement in the Production Line.
    • Execute work and instructions in compliance to existing or practiced Management Systems
    • Attend to audits and make available necessary records, documents and information related to product integrity.
    • Accomplish the training plan created by the immediate superior effectively and on a timely manner.
    • Participate and attain qualification to perform analysis through written and practical evaluations done by the immediate superior during training evaluation
    • Participate in the Proficiency Examination, identify and act on opportunities for improvement suggested by the Proficiency Test Result.
  5. Performs other functions as may be directed by Quality Supervisor

Job Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry.  Must be a licensed Chemist.
  • With good exposure in conducting different laboratory testing and analysis in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice.
  • Detail oriented with strong organizational and good communication skills.
  • Ability to analyze processes with desire for continuous improvement.
  • Flexible attitude and ability to work in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.
  • Able to thrive within a multi-functional team.
Type of Employment:Full-time
Available Slots:1
Monthly Salary Range:PHP 20,001 to PHP 25,000

Contact Person / Details:
Alexandrea Faith P. Castillo

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