Quality Control and Research and Development Manager, Tierra Agri Technologies, Inc

Name of Company / Institution: Tierra Agri Technologies, Inc

Work Location: Km 15 Davao-Agusan Road Brgy Ilang

Company Brief Description:

TIERRA AGRI TECHNOLOGIES, INC. was incorporated in January 2016 as a subsidiary of UNILOX FAR EAST RESOURCES INC the first control release bulk blend inorganic fertilizer plant in Mindanao. The plant is strategically located in Davao City, allowing it to conveniently makes delivery through out Mindanao and other regions in the Philippines. TATI has been established to be a leading manufacturing company of crop specific and site specific fertilizer.

As an organization, we will build a strong foundation driven by innovation and committed to bring the latest technology to achieve optimum yield results possible for our grower clients.

Job Title: Quality Control and Research and Development Manager

Job Responsibilities:

The Quality Control and Research & Development Manager shall directly report to the General Manager. The responsibilities shall involve the over-all management of the Laboratory Management System (LMS) which includes its policies, objectives, processes as well as the monitoring of its performance, the improvement of its processes, and the safety of its personnel. Ensures that all raw materials released for production and all finished goods released to the customers, meet the company’s quality standards. The Quality Control and Laboratory Junior Manager shall also be in-charged in the development of new laboratory test methodologies, and shall be involved in the development of new products and plant process improvements.


  1. Responsible in the sampling, sample preparation, testing and analysis of raw material samples and finished good samples.
  2. Responsible in the documentation and maintenance of the integrity of all records generated from the different Laboratory processes.
  3. Responsible for writing Certificate of Analysis (COA) of every sample tested in the Laboratory and releasing them after review and certification by the Quality Control and Laboratory Junior Manager.
  4. Responsible for monitoring the performance, maintenance and calibration of the laboratory equipments.
  5. Shall be involved in the validation and verification studies of the laboratory test methods
  6. Responsible for setting-up, updating and monitoring of the chart of the QC Check sample for every test methodology.
  7. Responsible for the preparation of laboratory samples for the client and for FPA product registration.
  8. Responsible for carrying-out tasks related to Research and Development of new test methodology, new company product, and tasks related to plant process improvement projects in coordination with the Production/Plant Manager.
  9. Responsible to carry-out other assigned tasks from the Management.


  1. Ensures that the QMS processes are established, implemented, and maintained
  2. Shall be responsible in conducting root cause analysis and updating the list of risk and opportunities in LMS.
  3. Shall review the corrective or preventive actions and the follow-up audits done based on the Internal Quality Audit Report submitted.
  4. Shall qualify, train and appoint the Audit Team Leader and the Auditors.
  5. Shall ensure that Internal Quality Audit schedule takes place
  6. Shall be responsible in the approval of Detailed Audit Plan
  7. Shall review the corrective or preventive actions and the follow-up audits done based on the Internal Quality Audit Report submitted.
  8. Shall evaluate the over-all Internal Audit Teams’ competency performance

Job Qualifications:



  1. Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  2. Must be a Licensed Chemist.


  1. At least three years of experience as a Supervisor in a medium or large manufacturing company.
  2. Possesses good oral and written communication skills.
  3. Background in ISO 9001 is an advantage but not required.
  4. Must knowledgeable on how to perform AAS, Spectrophotometer and Kjeldahl method.
  5. Background in laboratory plantation and fertilizer company is an advantage.
Type of Employment:Full-time
Available Slots:1
Monthly Salary Range:PHP 40,001 to PHP 50,000

Contact Person / Details:
Sharmila Tero
Tierra Agri Technologies, Inc

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