Qualified Licensed Chemists may apply for Professional License as Food Technologists

In June 2022, the licensing of food technology professionals through the Registration without Examination scheme was opened by the Professional Regulation Commission by virtue of RA 11052 “Food Technology Act” and its IRR. This registration is offered to professionals who are graduates of BS Food Technology and selected allied courses including BS Chemistry, and will be implemented until June 2024.

In recognition of the Filipino Chemists who have been valuable contributors in the food sector, the Philippine Association of Food Technologists, Inc. (PAFT), the accredited professional organization for Food Technology, is pleased to invite all qualified ICP members to apply for their professional license as food technologists. Please refer to attached files for your application.

The qualifications for application for Food Technology are a Chemistry license and a BS Chemistry degree. For inquiries, please contact the PAFT Secretariat: paft.secretariat720@gmail.com


1 Code of Professional Conduct for Professional Food Technologists, Resol 2022-01.pdf

2 Guidelines on the Registration without Examination of Professional Food Technologists, Resol 2022-02.pdf

3 Annex A Application Form without Exam (food tech).pdf

4 Annex B Self-Declaration Reg without Exam (food tech).pdf

5 Annex C Letter of Disapproval Reg without Exam (food tech).pdf

6 Annex D Letter to Comply Reg without Exam (food tech).pdf

7 Certificate-of-experience.pdf

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