ICP Board Election 2020: List of Candidates and How to Vote

The following individuals have been nominated for the 2020 ICP Board Election (click on the name of a candidate to view their brief profile and statement of candidacy):

Dr Glenn Alea (De La Salle University - Manila)

Mr Angelo Bugarin (Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority)

Ms Priscilla Alice "Mutya" Samonte (Nuevochem Specialties)

(Candidates who were not able to submit their candidate profile form before the deadline are NOT anymore included in the ballot, as ruled by the ICP Board Election 2020 Committee.)

The election (through online voting) will be from June 15 (Monday), 9AM until June 25 (Thursday), 11:59PM.

Voting will be done online (link found below). Only active REGULAR members of the ICP are allowed to cast their votes; an active member is a registered chemist who has an unexpired membership to the ICP (June 2020 to June 2023). Associate members (those with "A" in their membership card number, or members who are chemical technicians) and foreign members of the ICP are NOT required to vote.

The voter is required to present any one of the following proofs of active ICP membership:

  • uploading a scanned copy / photograph of your ICP membership card, or
  • uploading a scanned copy / photograph of your ICP membership application official receipt, or
  • uploading a scanned copy / photograph of your ICP membership confirmation e-mail, or
  • uploading a scanned copy / photograph of your ICP regional chapter membership certificate, or
  • by typing in your ICP membership card number, or
  • by typing in your PRC chemist license number (provided you are an active ICP member).

The ICP Election 2020 Committee shall verify the validity of the voter's active membership to the ICP before his/her ballot is duly counted.

Call for Feedback: Chemistry Professionals Career Progression Program

Active ICP members are requested to send in their comments and suggestions on the (1) proposed guidelines on the creation of a career progression and specialization program for the chemistry profession and the (2) links between the chemistry professional qualification program to the Philippine Qualifications Framework.

A copy of each document may be viewed and downloaded from the links below:

To send in your feedback, kindly make the necessary track-change corrections on the actual documents and attach them (in doc/docx format) to an e-mail addressed to integratedchemists@gmail.com. The deadline for the feedback is on June 26. Thank you.

ICP Conducts Annual Chapters’ Meeting Online

Driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Integrated Chemists of the Philippines (ICP) held its 9th Annual Meeting of Chapters last 12 June 2020 via video conference for the first time. The meeting was attended by officers of the ICP’s nationwide chapters and also by the Board of Chemistry (BOC).

ICP President Dr Fabian Dayrit kicked things off with an annual report on the state of ICP’s organizational matters. He stressed that each ICP chapter must be strengthened through public events such as seminars and community involvement as this equates to an overall improvement of the chemistry profession in country. He also enumerated events that the national chapter initiated such as the 3rd National Conference of Chemical Laboratories. Dr Dayrit also highlighted some events such as the launching of the Bicol and Zamboanga Peninsula chapters and the establishment of the Unilab Cluster. In addition, the ICP National Chapter is coordinating with the BOC in the development of a career progression and specialization program for the country’s chemistry professionals. Dr Glenn Alea, ICP’s Vice President for Internal Affairs, gave an insight on the membership composition of the organization.

Each chapter then took turns in presenting their own accomplishment reports for the past year. Most chapters organized relevant events to their community: the Panay and Bacolod chapters each held seminars that tackled instrumentation methods of analysis; the Southern Mindanao chapter organized a seminar on good laboratory practice; the Bicol chapter convened the inaugural Bicol Chemistry Forum; the Cebu chapter held a few seminars for chemistry majors; and the Region 3 chapter held a livelihood seminar on making soap and alcohol. Meanwhile, in response to the COVID-19 situation, the Region 3, Bicol, Cebu, Panay, X/XII/BARMM/CARAGA, and Southern Mindanao chapters were able to make a significant volume of alcohol and hypochlorite solutions which were handed over to medical and government authorities. The Bacolod chapter also allocated a significant amount of money to the local frontliners to help in the purchasing of personal protective equipment.

The BOC also gave an update on the evaluation of compliances of the chemical laboratories that they were able to inspect. This was also a chance for the chapter representatives to air their problems and concerns, such as the disregard of some chemical laboratories to comply with the Chemistry Profession Act and the shortage of chemistry professionals in specific localities.

ICP Board Election 2020: Call for Nominations

The term of office of three members of the ICP Board of Directors expires on 30 June 2020.  Nominations are invited for the election of the ICP Board members who will hold office starting 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2023.

Three board members -- one representative each from the industry, government and academe -- are to be elected. Only active REGULAR members of the ICP (chemists) may be nominated.

End Term
2020 Dr. Glenn Alea* Ms. Nenita Marayag* Ms. Priscilla Alice Samonte*
2021 Dr. Lilibeth Coo Dr. Rosalinda Torres Ms. Edna Mijares
2022 Dr. Fabian Dayrit Col. Victor Drapete Ms. Ma. Josephine Gonzales

* Terms to expire on June 30, 2020.

The elected members of the board are expected to regularly attend the meetings of the ICP and actively participate in activities geared towards achieving the objectives of the ICP as follows:

1. Support the implementation of Chemistry Law and the Code of Ethics for chemists and safeguard the professional interests of the registered chemists;

2. Make the chemistry professionals (both chemists and chemical technicians) conscious of their serious responsibilities in helping the country develop;

3. Provide a forum to exchange ideas on the chemistry profession;

4. Cultivate discipline among the members, develop the spirit of camaraderie, and maintain occupational standards;

5. Encourage and foster chemical education;

6. Develop a continuing program of activities leading towards upgrading of standards, such as accreditation of laboratories and professional competencies.


  • Only active REGULAR members of the ICP in good standing can be nominated, submit a nomination, and vote. Nominations cast by active ASSOCIATE members (chemical technicians) will NOT be recognized. The ICP Membership Committee shall confirm the status of nominators, nominees, and voters.
  • The nominee must confirm acceptance of nomination by signing the attached nomination form or by sending an email indicating acceptance of nomination. Members may nominate one candidate to each sector. Click here to download nomination form.
  • The winning candidate from each sector will hold office for a term of 3 years (2020 to 2023).
  • The nomination period is from May 25 to June 8, 2020. Nomination forms should be submitted by e-mail to ICPComelec@gmail.com by 5PM of June 8.
  • The list of nominees will be posted on the ICP website (https://www.icp.org.ph/) by June 15.
  • The election period will be from June 15 to 25, 2020.
  • The ICP Elections Committee (ICP COMELEC) is made up of the following: Dr. Lilibeth Coo (chair), Dr. Rosalinda Torres, and Ms. Edna Mijares.

ICP’s X/XII/ARMM/CARAGA Chapter Makes Ethyl Alcohol For Frontliners

Members of the X/XII/ARMM/CARAGA Chapter of the Integrated Chemists of the Philippines (ICP), under the co-leadership of incumbent president Mr Higinio Barros and immediate former president Mr Mark Valentine Balanay, were able to successfully make a significant volume of ethyl alcohol solution in accordance to the guidelines set by the World Health Organization. This initiative is in response to the lack of sanitizing solutions for medical professionals serving as frontliners due to the alarming novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

On March 25, the chapter officers turned the first batch of alcohol-filled bottles over to the Northern Mindanao Medical Center in Cagayan de Oro City. The chapter wishes to thank those who have volunteered in the production of the chemical, and the donors who helped fund the project.

Donations to fund succeeding batches of the formulation are still being accepted. You may deposit your cash donation to the following bank account:

BPI Savings Account
Account #: 002323-0022-18

For further inquiries, you may contact Mr Higinio Barros at 0917-770-4150 or Mr Mark Valentine Balanay at 0917-561-7658.