Laboratory Analyst (BioAnalytica Inc.)

Name of Company / Institution: BioAnalytica Inc.

Work Location: Don Jesus Blvd., Cupang, Muntinlupa

Company Brief Description:

BioAnalytica Inc. is a testing and research laboratory providing comprehensive drug analytical services to local and international clients.

Job Title: Laboratory Analyst

Available Slots: 2-4

Job Responsibilities:

– Conduct chemical analysis and characterization of biological samples, pharmaceutical drug products, biotechnologically-derived products, and related samples using HPLC, LC-MSMS and Dissolution Tester in support of batch release testing, bioavailability and bioequivalence testing, biosimilar studies, stability testing, and other related drug evaluation studies

-Conduct method development and validation of analytical and bioanalytical methods

Job Qualifications:

– Graduate of B.S. Chemistry or B.S.
– Biochemistry
– Licensed Chemist
– Preferably with experience in handling HPLC and other analytical instruments
– Fresh graduates are welcome to apply

Salary Range: PHP 20,001 to PHP 25,000

Contact Person / Details:
Alyssa V. Uy
260-2545; 09171757679

Chemical Technician (Unichamp Mineral Philippines Inc.)

Name of Company / Institution: Unichamp Mineral Philippines Inc.

Work Location: Rio Tuba, Bataraza, Palawan

Company Brief Description:

We are Unichamp Mineral Philippines, Inc. (UMPI), a subsidiary of the Malaysian-based firm Unichamp Mineral Sdn. Bhd (UMSB). We have a mineral processing plant located in Rio Tuba Bataraza Palawan

Job Title: Chemical Technician

Available Slots: 1

Job Responsibilities:

Analyze all samples as to each respective parameters and procedure.

Limestone samples, Quicklime samples, Powdered Quicklime samples, Milk of Lime samples, Milk of Lime Semi-Finished samples – titration analysis.
Any samples submitted to the laboratory for analysis – by instruction.

Supervise the sampling, sample preparation processes and procedures.

Limestone samples, Quicklime samples, Powdered Quicklime samples, Milk of Lime samples, Milk of Lime Semi-Finished samples – Follow standard procedure of sample preparation.
Any samples submitted to the laboratory for analysis – by instruction.
Prepare reagents used in titration analysis.

Preparation of regents utilized in titration

analysis according to the proper procedure provided.

Overtime and Rest Day Schedule.

Must render overtime if need arises, e.g. rechecking of MOL sample, etc.
1 rest day in 1 – week schedule – must follow the approved monthly schedule. May vary during holidays and other rational circumstances.

Encourage cost-saving and thriftiness

Facilitate economically efficient ways every time without jeopardizing any standard procedures and processes.

Direct reporting to Laboratory Chemist

All concerns and significant matters being encountered will be directly reported and under the responsibility of the laboratory chemist.

Job Qualifications:

Candidate must possess at least Professional License (Passed Board or Bar or Professional License Exam) in Chemistry or equivalent

BSc Chemistry Graduate

Must be registered Chemicatl Technician

Familiar with RA No. 10657 Chemitry Profession Act requirements

Salary Range: PHP 15,001 to PHP 20,000

Contact Person / Details:
Jerald L. Badenas

Technical Chemist (DIC Philippines, Inc.)

Name of Company / Institution: DIC Philippines, Inc.

Work Location: Taguig City

Company Brief Description:

DIC Philippines, Inc. (DICPH)
brings ”Color & Comfort by Chemistry”, providing superior ink and specialty chemicals solutions that make life better. DICPH is a subsidiaryof DIC Corporation (DIC),
formerly known as Dainippon Ink &Chemicals, a 108 year-old company which has since grown to be the world’s largest ink and specialty chemicals group. DIC hasa global footprint of
176 sites in over 60 countries.

Job Title: Technical Chemist

Available Slots: 2-4

Job Responsibilities:

Technical Servicing

• Responds promptly to customers’ technical inquiries via email or telephone.
• Attends meeting with customers to discuss detailed product requirements.
• Oversees on-site trial press run of new ink developments.
• Performs on-site press troubleshooting to address quality concerns pertaining to ink.
Product Improvement
• Develops and implements new test methods and techniques of analysis to ensure product integrity and firm adherence to quality.
• Coordinates with regional affiliates regarding R & D and troubleshooting measures pertaining to product improvement.
• Performs R & D works to improve quality of existing product lines, to address and support market requirements.
• Undertakes R & D projects aimed to screen and qualify cost-effective alternative raw materials.
• Analyzes and evaluates competitors’ inks versus own product lines and use the data gathered to have advantage over competitors’ products.
• Supports in the analysis of non-conforming products
• Establishes product specifications and production protocols during pilot production of large-scale formulations.
• Creates DIC Standard Catalogue// with detailed product specifications and test methods, for use of QC team//.

New Color Development
• Matches new color to conform with customers’ requirements and issues batch tickets and prepares promotional samples for machine trial and approval.
• Issues technical data and certificates pertaining to product specifications, together with color swatches.
Technical Information Compilation
• Collects, maintains, and keeps a library of technical data and MSDS of all existing product lines, product lines supplied by other DIC affiliates, and all raw materials in the formulations.
• Collect, maintains and keeps a library of all raw materials being used, including the raw material samples submitted by suppliers.
• Maintains accurate and thorough records of the following documents and ensures timely submission to Technical Manager: Monthly Technical Report, R&D Report, New Raw Material Report, Technical Visit Report, and Field Service Report.
Checks formulation and approves raw material substitution in the batch tickets issued for production.

Trains lower level staff of correct test methods and proper utilization of laboratory equipment.

Shares in the responsibility of maintaining laboratory equipment in good working condition.

Monitors laboratory and office supply levels and issue requisition as necessary.
Performs related duties and special projects as assigned.

Job Qualifications:

1. Degree in Bachelor of Science in Chemistry / Chemical Engineering.
2. Professional license in Chemistry or Chemical Technician is required.
3. With relevant professional experience either in the ink or paint industries
4. Adept in color matching techniques, including software and equipment to carry out color analysis via Delta E, L, a, b
5. Proficient in methods development and mathematical calculations used in chemical analyses
6. Computer-literate and competent in Microsoft Windows applications
7. Good command of English language

Contact Person / Details:
Maricar L. Palcat and Lizel R. Amado

Chemist (hoc po feeds corporation)

Name of Company / Institution: hoc po feeds corporation

Work Location: Sta Cruz, Guiguinto, Bulacan, Guiguinto, Bulacan

Company Brief Description:

Hoc Po Feeds Corporation was established in June 1989 as a prawn feed manufacturer in the Philippines. Its commercial operation started March 1989.

As the company grew, it had expanded its product line by introducing the floater feeds by the mid-part of the year 2001. Again, Hoc Po’s Floater Feeds had easily gained the respect of many fish farmers all over the country.

Job Title: Licensed Chemist

Available Slots: 2-4

Job Responsibilities:

– Oversees the quality control section on a per shift basis. Ensures that procedures and daily routines and activities of laboratory technicians are performed on time. Monitors the safety and cleanliness of the laboratory
– Analysis of local and imported raw materials and finished goods:
– Proximate Analyses
– Feed Microscopy
– Quick Spot Test
– Other Lab Analyses
– Prepares chemicals for analyses.
– Raw materials retention monitoring.
– Feed retention monitoring.
– NIR operation.
– Checking of return products in coordination with the lab Technician

Job Qualifications:

– Preferably Licensed Chemist
– With at least 1 year experienced in manufacturing company
– Willing to work in shifting schedule and overtime duty

Contact Person / Details:
ruel cruz

Laboratory Manager (TJ/H2b Analytical Services Philippines, Inc.)

Name of Company / Institution: TJ/H2b Analytical Services Philippines, Inc.

Work Location: Pasig City

Company Brief Description:

TJH2b Analytical Services is a worldwide laboratory service comprising 14 facilities.

Job Title: Laboratory Manager

Available Slots: 1

Job Responsibilities:

• Candidate must possess at least Professional License (Passed Board/Bar/Professional License Exam) in Chemistry
• Required language(s): English, Filipino
• Preferably Assistant Manager or Manager / 5 years and Up experienced Employees specializing in Chemistry
• Full – Time position available
• Must be able to satisfy DENR requirements for PCO (for Category B establishments)
• Excellent Teaching and leadership skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Experience with PCB testing would be viewed favorably

Job Qualifications:

• The “hands-on” management of the laboratory including analysis, reporting, OH&S, Quality and ISO certification requirements.
• Supervision and management of laboratory personnel.
• Running a range of laboratory equipment including GC and HPLC.
• Undertake maintenance, trouble-shooting and repairs of items of laboratory analytical and test equipment
• Maintain the LIMS.
• Ensure performance targets, KPI’s and company goals are understood, measured, reported and achieved.
• Promote the Company with existing and potential Customers and Suppliers, including client development, technical support and consultation, ensuring customer satisfaction at all times.
• Generate laboratory reports and certificates of analysis as required by customers.

Contact Person / Details:
Maria Teresa Uy-Capacete
0917 820 3665