Laboratory Chemist (Dyna Chem Corporation)

Name of Company / Institution: Dyna Chem Corporation

Work Location: Caloocan City

Company Brief Description:

Dynachem Corporation has been in the paint thinner manufacturing industry for 35 years. With a nationwide scope, catering to Multiple provinces in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, Dynachem Corporation has a production capacity of 400,000 Litres a month, allowing it to produce different types of paint thinners and alcohols. With its own fleet of trucks and its efficient sales team, Dynachem caters not only to distributors but to retailers as well, making a company that will be here for many years to come. As such, it is expanding and would like to welcome new members to its continuously growing organization

Job Title: Laboratory Chemist

Job Responsibilities:

-to make formulas for cleaning and disinfecting products.
-to make all necessary physical, chemical, and stability tests that will ensure products are effective and ready to sell to the market.
-to supervise operations in production line, and serve as QA during spot inspections.

Job Qualifications:

-Licensed chemist
-Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply
-Experience working in the formulation of cleaning and disinfectant products is preferred.
-Has good analytical and interpersonal skills, can work well with other people.

Contact Person / Details:
Michael Lee

Laboratory Analyst (SHin-Etsu Magnetics Philippines, Inc.)

Name of Company / Institution: SHin-Etsu Magnetics Philippines, Inc.

Work Location: Laguna Technopark Binan, Laguna

Company Brief Description:

Shin-Etsu Magnetics Philippines, Inc., a subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. of Japan, was established in March 2, 1999. Its primary purpose is the manufacture and sale, on wholesale, of electronic materials and permanent magnet products including but not limited to the processing, surface treatment and assembly of magnets.
Shin-Etsu is the leading manufacturer of rare earth magnets for electronic devices, information technology products, automotive, factory automation and hard disk drives. It is the largest supplier in the world of magnets for voice-coil motors in hard disk drives, the primary market for rare earth magnets. It is the world’s only fully integrated manufacturer of these magnets, starting from separation and purification of rare earth elements and the only company that makes all three major categories of rare earth magnets: neodymium, samarium and cerium

Job Title: Laboratory Analyst

Job Responsibilities:

• Conduct test and / or inspections of chemicals and solutions used based on documented procedures.
• Ensure compliance to procedure in sample and solution standard preparation
• Ensure proper use and handling of laboratory equipment and chemicals
• Log and review test results accurately
• Ensure clarity and completeness of analysis and test results
• Prepare reports on test and inspection results
• Conduct calibration of test instruments equipment whenever required

Job Qualifications:

• Candidate must be a Bachelor/ College Degree in Chemistry
• Must be a licensed chemist or Chemical Technician
• New Licensed applicants are welcome to apply.
• Willing to work in shifting schedule

Contact Person / Details:
Minnie Santillan

QA Laboratory Technologist (Unilever RFM Ice Cream)

Name of Company / Institution: Unilever RFM Ice Cream

Work Location: Amang Rodriguez Ave., Manggahan Light Industrial Park, Bo. Manggahan, Pasig City

Company Brief Description:

In 1999, to complement its frozen novelties category and strengthen itself for competition, RFM teamed up with Unilever, the largest ice cream company in the world to form Selecta Walls Incorporated. The joint-venture proved to be a success and in 2000, Selecta defeats competition to become the national ice cream leader.

And that has been the story since—with its passion for exceeding the expectations of consumers, unwavering dedication to quality, and unrelenting quest to improve itself through its innovations, Selecta or Unilever RFM Ice Cream, Inc., sees itself winning stomachs and hearts to be become the world’s preferred pleasure food.

Job Title: QA Laboratory Technologist

Job Responsibilities:

1. Conduct studies to verify / or introduce latest testing method
2. Conduct chemical as well as microbiological testing of all samples submitted to the laboratory and ensures that:
• All samples submitted are acknowledge and recorded
• All chemicals, reagents and media used for analysis are prepared in accordance to the standard, properly labeled and stored while not in use.
• All samples are prepared in accordance to standard prior to analysis / tests.
• Results of testing are recorded / documented / reported.
• Results are released on time.
• All used reagents, chemical as well as media are made disposed properly to avoid cross contamination.
• PPE’s are worn while conducting necessary tests.
3. Report any unusual / questionable results to immediate superior for investigation and possible re-testing in order to avoid delay
4. Conduct internal quality audit covering Sanitation / Housekeeping, System Audit ( Documentation ), Formula / Specification Process, Product, Trace-ability, Trade Check, Stock points / Mobile Points
• Discuss results of internal audit with concerned individual and get their commitments. Follow up action plans and monitor progress.
• Prepare audit report to formalize findings furnishing copies to involved departments.
5. Conduct training on CGMP, Quality System, Quality Audit, HACCP, Ice Cream Manufacturing, other technical trainings.
• Coordinates with concerned department manager for proper scheduling
• Review and update training materials regularly
• Perform training assessment before and after the training
6. Report any unusual / questionable results to immediate superior for investigation and possible re-testing in order to avoid delay.
7. Monitor and maintain inventory of chemicals, media, reagents, glasswares and laboratory suppliers at all times.
8. Ensure that all laboratory equipment are in good condition and are calibrated in accordance to calibration schedule.
9. Prepare exception as well as weekly reports.
10. Conducts GMP / 5S monitoring inside the laboratory and prepare necessary JRRF when needed.
11. Maintain and control quality records within the prescribed period of 2 years.
12. Perform test and analysis on special samples submitted by prospective alternative suppliers in accordance to committed leadtime.
13. Ensure housekeeping of all tools / gadgets and within the work area at all times.
14. Supervises the work of lab aide and ensure that proper laboratory procedures are implemented.
15. Act as reliever in the absence of other technologist assigned in other area within the Quality Assurance department.

Job Qualifications:

• Graduate of BS Chemistry/Biochemistry
• Must be a licensed Chemist
• Willing to work in Manggahan, Pasig City
• Computer literate, have skills in problem solving analysis and good communication skills in report writing and training

Contact Person / Details:
Lance Gernale

Food Safety Officer (Uni-President Philippines Corp.)

Name of Company / Institution: UNI-PRESIDENT PHILIPPINES CORP.

Work Location: First Industrial Township, Brgy. Pagaspas, Tanauan City, Batangas

Company Brief Description:

Uni-President Philippines Corp is a wholly owned subsidiary of Uni-President Enterprise Corp. (UPEC), one of the biggest manufacturing Conglomerates in Taiwan and top ten players in China and in a majority of other countries in Asia. UPEC has over 100 subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide under its 7 major divisons: Provsions group, Instant Food, Health Food, Beverage, Bakery, Distribution and Low Temperature Food. Uni-President Enterprise Corp. was founded in Yeong Kang, Taiwan on July 01, 1967. Since then it has been dedicated to food manufacturing as well as exploring new businesses.

In the Philippines, UPPC enters the market with product introductions in the instant noodle and beverage industries. It takes pride in the superior quality and taste of its brands of instant noodle products: Ho-MI Instant Mami, Ho-MI Instant Pancit Canton, Unif Sotanghon and Nooda Crunch noodle snack. UPPC also introduced health beverages such as Chai Li Won tea and MineShine Milk Tea. It was 1998 when UPPC was brought to Philippines by Hong Yao Chen. The company is engaged in the importation of noodles from Taiwan to Philippines. In 2001, there was a challenge in the business since there is a dominant local noodle manufacturing company in the country. While maintaining its identity as noodle maker in Taiwan, the company decided to link up with RFM Corporation . The company was named RFM President. For now, 7-11 is the major distributor of the products. Products are also available in local supermarkets.

Job Title: Food Safety Officer

Job Responsibilities:

• Inspect the manufacturing area and ensure clean machinery and hygienic conditions within the plant.
• Prepare food safety analysis report and report the areas not meeting the quality standards. Suggest ways to change and improve the current system to eliminate risks and potential hazards to the health of the consumers.
• Make certain the manufactured food items are packed, stored and transported responsibly without compromising on the food safety and quality.
• Keeps updated with all new food safety related procedures and systems as well as local and international legislation.
• Write short reports to supervisor evaluating new equipment or process. Compare two options with different cost structures. For example, comparison of price quotes for detergents and make decisions based on factors such as price, quality and effectiveness.
• Develop training and orientation materials about ISO 22000, HACCP and related topics like Food Safety, Good Manufacturing Practices or Employee Sanitation Guidelines.
• Provide training for existing and new employees. Train the workers in handling and packing the food products hygienically.
• Reviews reports and confers with quality assurance, production, management, and engineering personnel to solve work-related problems.
• Set standards and monitor procedures to ensure food safety at all stages of the operation, including receiving, production, packaging and shipping. Decide how to interpret and apply external regulations in the context of the plant.
• Quickly assess situations that may compromise food safety, determining the cause and extent of the problem, how to rectify the situation, who needs to be involved and how to minimize time and/or product losses.
• Conducts supplier audits on all existing and new suppliers and monitor their performance.
• Interact with suppliers in order to communicate company standards for quality and safety of incoming products.
• Oversees controlled documentation creation, approval, modification and release.
• Performs routine physical-chemical laboratory testing and analysis of raw materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products, finished products, water and waste water analysis using different laboratory equipment such as but not limited to balances, pipettes, pH meters, burettes, etc.
• Reports and certifies conducted physical-chemical laboratory tests performed.
• Inspects laboratory in terms of chemical and/or biochemical activities performed.
• Certifies laboratory in terms of chemical and/or biochemical activities performed.
• Performs internal calibration of instruments used in chemical laboratory testing and analysis.
• Undertake functions related to the management of chemicals, such as chemical safety, chemical waste management, pollution control, and the like.
• Leads subordinates such as Chemical Technician in performing chemical and/or biochemical testing and analysis.
• Accountable for full compliance of the Chemical Laboratory and the corresponding processes to the Chemistry Profession Act RA 10657.

Job Qualifications:

• Licensed Chemist
• With Experience in a food manufacturing company
• Knowledge in Food Safety Management System
• With good leadership skills
• Proactive, Assertive and Decision Maker
• With full-depth understanding with respect to compliance with RA 10657.

Contact Person / Details:
Clarisse Manalo
09286328585/043 778 5171

Product Evaluation Technician (Unilever Philippines Inc.)

Name of Company / Institution: Unilever Philippines Inc.

Work Location: Barangay Javalera General Trias, Gateway Business Park, Cavite City, 4107 Cavite

Company Brief Description:

Unilever is a multinational consumer goods company that provides fast moving consumer goods. Its product categories include Personal Care, Home Care, Foods and Refreshments. For Personal Care products, Unilever has Sunsilk, Cream Silk, Close Up, Dove & Ponds while brands under Home Care are Surf, Breeze & Domex and for Foods, Lady’s Choice, Knorr & Best Foods Mayonnaise while lastly for Refreshments, Unilever has Selecta Ice Crem (Cornetto, Magnum, Paddle Pop, Tubs)

Job Title: Product Evaluation Technician

Job Responsibilities:

• Conducts and ensures integrity of sensory and physico-chemical test results on semi-finished and finished goods according to defined parameters in the specification
• Provides immediate disposition of semi-finished and finished goods according to defined parameters in the specification
• Maintains and updates the reference/standard finished good samples for sensory purposes.
• Completes all documentations necessary for testing and prepares Certificate of Analysis and advance samples when necessary
• Coordinates to concerned department for immediate necessary actions on non-conformances encountered both for semi-finished goods and products
• Performs physical tagging of semi-finished and finished goods according to disposition.
• Prepares and submits Quality report to summarize findings and test results for non-conformances encountered online.
• Conducts SAP related transactions to block any semi-finished and finished good stocks with observed non-conformances
• Maintains the Analytical laboratory, including all equipment related, to ensure continuous support to the operations and compliance to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
• Coordinates timely maintenance and calibration of analytical equipment such as pH meter, Analytical Balance etc.
• Conducts internal calibration of laboratory equipment as deemed necessary
• Conducts regular inventory and prepares purchase requisition of media and supplies to ensure uninterrupted testing
• Conducts inspection and aseptic sampling of semi-finished and finished goods when necessary.
• Performs analytical tests of Research and Development, Trade, and complaint samples

Job Qualifications:

• Candidates must be a graduate of BS Chemistry
• Must be a Licensed Chemist/Chemical Technician
• Willing to be assigned in General Trias, Cavite
• Open to work in a shifting schedule setup and 6 day work week.

Contact Person / Details:
Lance Gernale